Can Cafe Banners Create Outside Cafe Space?

Cafe banners are a kind of screening system that can be used to mark out commercial cafe boundaries. If you own a cafe, you can use banners with suitable signage to mark out a certain space outside your cafe as an extension. These banners are essentially rectangular in shape, available in a variety of sizes and composed of a variety of materials like Poly vinyl, stretch and canvas material. If you are a new cafe owner, purchasing a banner is a good investment for your business.

Ways to create outside Space by using Banners

As a cafe owner, you will always be on the lookout of ways to attract maximum number of customers to your cafe. Obviously, you will want to maximize your space at minimum costs. One good way to do this is to put up banners with company signage outside your cafe. These banners mark the particular area as your own.

You can arrange the banners in such a way that your customers can get some privacy as well as a dose of fresh natural air. If you decorate the outside area with flower pots, green plants and transferable decorative items, the outside space will be an attractive extension of your cafe. However, there are a few things to remember before putting up banners outside.

First check the ownership details of the area outside your cafe with your local council. If it is owned by the council, you will have to pay some fees in order to get permission for putting cafe furniture on public land. Discuss with your local planning commission, get legal permission and then install your banners.

You also have to ensure that your cafe banners do not contain offensive or discriminatory material against people of any ethnic origin, religion or caste.

Other Advantages of using Banners

Cafe banners are generally printed with large graphic designs and bold catchy massages that can catch the eyes of potential customers from a distance. Especially in case of drivers, it’s easier to spot a brightly colored slightly elevated banner than the actual cafe. Again, if somebody is actively looking for your cafe, the banner will serve as a geographical reference point by which your customers can locate you.

These banners are made out of robust waterproof material like thick canvas and PVC and they can easily withstand bad weather and rain. The stand apparatus or the two cross poles used for supporting the banner are usually made up of moisture and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

What draws customers towards your cafe for the first time is the aesthetic display of your cafe. You can customize your banner to match with the overall décor and color scheme. Dual cover banners are available in which you can use one side for printing the company graphics and the other side for printing the menu. HD graphics and a range of attractive designs make choosing your banner a fun option.

Eight Interesting Facts About Cafe Terrace At Night

One of the most tragic celebrities in the world art history is Vincent Van Gogh. Though he was not very famous in his lifetime, he and his paintings got immense fame soon after his death-the time when he was no more to feel his fame! Today, his paintings are on peak demand and sold on record prices.

He painted a lot of night scene paintings in his lifetime. But his famous most painting on nightlife is Cafe Terrace at Night, which completed sometime around mid September 1888. This painting has a special charm in it. With that charm, the painting has a lot of interesting facts attached to it that we are discussing hereunder:

1. Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at Night is an ideal example of the artist’s imagination and superb dealing with light. This painting captures the colors of light at night. ‘Light’ and ‘night’ seem contradictory words as this combination is hardly found in any scene.

2. In this painting, artificial gas lanterns lighten the night sky with a glimpse of exterior of a Parisian cafe. The cafe is still there and has been a famous destination for all Gogh’s fans.

3. When this painting completed, Gogh wrote a letter to his sister mentioning that he has completed a night scene without using black.

4. Gogh painted this popular painting on the spot than painting it in daytime after preparing a sketch.

5. Though this painting is not signed by Gogh, his letters prove that this is his own work.

6. The painting is at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Netherlands now.

7. On its first official display in 1892, Coffee house in the evening was the name given to this painting. The title was later replaced by cafe Terrace at Night.

8. This is the first painting by Gogh with starry backgrounds.

Brief About The Painting

The painting represents the scene of night cafe. The terrace painted in this work has small figures of people drinking. A bright yellow lantern light up the terrace, frontage and side-walk. The rooftops of houses painted seem to have been a fading road under the blue sky with stars and a green tree nearby. This beautiful painting is trying to distinguish the usual darkness of night with this green and blue night, thus contradicting conventional night scenes.

Green Mountain Coffee Pods

While they’re not even actually coffee pods in the traditional sense, Green Mountain Coffee Pods are one of the most well known brands out there. Actually, they are K-Cups. This means they’ll only work in a K-Cup brewer, which is made be Keurig. We won’t be talking about traditional coffee pods at all, so if that is all you’re looking for, you should look elsewhere. If you own, or plan to buy a Keurig K-Cup machine, though, read onward.

A Brief History Of Green Mountain Coffee

With a name like that, you would think that the company was rather old and from Ireland or something. In reality, Green Mountain Coffee was founded in Vermont in 1981. This makes them very new to the coffee world, especially with older companies having been around since the mid 1800s. The company actually started as a tiny cafe in rural Waitsfield, Vermont, where they roasted and served coffee. It didn’t take long before local restaurants began clamoring to buy their fresh ground coffee to serve in their own establishments.

What Makes Green Mountain Special?

In such a competitive industry, that this company grew so fast is nothing short of amazing. So, how did they manage to make such an impact? It probably had a lot to do with their strange mixture of selections and flavors. Since the big guys pretty much have your average decaf and house blend type offerings locked up, these guys went a completely different direction. Some of their blends are fairly mundane, with breakfast blend, French roast, and “Our Blend”, which is their version of original, mixed in with their greater than 100 various coffees.

Your Pod Coffee Maker And Green Mountain Coffees

Unless you have a Keurig K-Cup Brewer, Green Mountain Coffee Pods will not work in your pod coffee maker. This company does not, and probably will not ever make a more generic coffee pod, such as what would fit in the Home Cafe pod coffee makers. This is because they actually own Keurig. In fact, since Green Mountain purchased Keurig in 2006, it’s probably not much of a stretch to say that they are is the reason for the success of K-Cups and the Keurig brewers in general. If you’re into making your own coffee pods, however, you could always buy their loose coffee to go in your coffee pod machine.

Does Green Mountain Make Anything Other Than Coffee?

Although you may have to look under some of their other labels, Green Mountain does produce items other than coffee. Their hot chocolates are under the name of Cafe Escapes, while their teas live under the Celestial Seasonings name. However, just like with their coffees, these can only be had as a K-Cup, so unless you own or intend to buy one, you’ll have to go with a different brand.

Ways To Do Decor Restaurant Tables And Outdoor Cafe Furniture In A Presentable Way

The taste of the food holds great value in a restaurant. It is one of the major reasons why someone would want to go back to the same place. But what really attracts the eyes of people is how it looks. The way your restaurant is organized is the first factor to be determined by a customer, especially for first comers. Show people how presentable your cafe is by learning different ways to decor your restaurant.

Make them feel comfortable. Arrange your restaurant in a way they can never resist. Attract the eyes of your costumer by your own creativity. Earn more and more profit everyday as they enjoy your service.

Know your season

Be aware of the different events coming. Christmas, Easter or Valentines are only a few events celebrated in the entire year. If your place values varieties of events like Olympics or the Super Bowl, decorate your outdoor furniture in a different way prior to this. It will help you gain more customers. At the same time, be sensitive to others. Do not oppose or side with any team, this will just destroy your image with other people. You may gain a lot of fans that day but you will lose lots of haters permanently.

Know your theme

The color, ambience and theme should co-exist with each other. Think of a theme that will help customers feel the spirit of different seasons/events.

Example: The color red for valentines with a slow soothing music as a background and a candlelight dinner theme. This makes the ambience sweeter and will help customers feel that love is in the air.

Hang different flags around for United Nations Day. This will very much in attract foreign costumers.

Know the basic table arrangement

Know the proper table arrangement. For owners or manager, this is a must. Hire a person who knows the job well. This presents a knowledgeable look and adds beauty to your cafe.

Follow these steps:

Cover your table with a dashing table cloth.
Put a stylish placemat under the plate.
The spoon and table knife should be on the right side of the plate, and the fork on the left. You can interchange utensils depending on how you want to present your table. This also depends if using different kinds of spoons like teaspoon or soup spoon.
A wine glass just at the upper right corner of the plate will do just fine for elegant occasions.
A neatly folded table napkin on top of the plate adds up to the elegance of the table. This gives a wine and dine experience for everyone.

Think Green

Plants are good relaxants. Surround yourself with luscious green plants. Choose patio furniture for outdoor tables and chairs. Match it up with a patio umbrella to shade costumers from the heat of the sun. The cool breeze and green plants surrounding costumers will make them untwine and feel fresh.


Your centerpiece always attracts the eyes of your costumers. Think very carefully on what you want to put at the center of every table. Use your theme to create a well-balanced cafe.

A red or white rose on a beautiful looking vase. A potted small plant for an outdoor centerpiece or a wine on a bucket, these are just few choices you have. This process will help boost your theme. Be careful not to put too big centerpiece. It will cram up the table and there would be less space for food which will make diners very uncomfortable