How to Choose Cafe Umbrellas

UV resistant cafe umbrellas will give you protection from the sun’s harsh rays. A vented roof will also circulate the air instead of having a stuffy, hot feeling. A polyester canvas fabric that is both water repellent and UV treated is a perfect choice for outdoor umbrellas where shade is necessary. Melanoma is the most common type of cancer in men 25 to 54 and women 15 to 29, a direct result from too much exposure to the sun’s rays. Check the amount of UV resistant protection there is when looking at cafe umbrellas. 90% blockage and over is a good degree of protection from the elements.

Design and Color

Because good cafe umbrellas are made from yarn dyed polyester canvas, there is no worry about your selected color to fade in the sun. Neutral colors that blend in well with nature are almost always available in white, black or beige. For a festive décor, stripes and vivid blues, greens or yellows can be used. There are designs with straight edges, scallops or fringe to highlight your patio or back yard.

Size and Proportion

When considering your options of cafe umbrellas, think about the proportion of your table. Your table may be round, square, large or small and the proper size is important in accenting your furniture and not to appear overbearing or too small to be of any use. Octagon or square center-post outdoor umbrellas are the choice of many for round tables that host four chairs with the shade protruding over the seats. Larger spans are available for round tables that sport six to eight chairs. For bar type areas use a wide rectangular umbrella that is high enough to cover people that are standing.

Durability and Mounting

Besides needing a fabric that is both weather resistant and sustainable against UV rays, a good mounting system has to be implemented so that your choice in cafe umbrellas is good and solid. Bolt down base plates and proper mounting hardware should be included with your umbrella along with specific instructions on how to install. For temporary shading outdoor umbrellas, rope and pin action needs to be smooth and easy. Solid aluminum poles should be above average in material grade.

A twelve-month warranty is a good indication that you have made a good selection in a durable product.